Surf Shack

Hey diorama fans, check out this little surf shack I just put together.  I was looking at my Johnny Lightning 1950 Mercury Woody wagon and was thinking about the best way to display the car.  Because it had surfboards on the roof I knew I wanted some kind of surfing theme.  A few months ago I had downloaded a free paper model of a old wooden building, and it occurred to me that it was the right size and with just a few extra surf related images, it would make a nice building to display with the car.

Here is the link to the free paper model.

 If you look at the pics, you'll see that the building is nicely detailed from all sides, even the back.  I just printed it out, and cut up some cardboard for backing.  Unfortunately I don't have a lot of skill when it comes to cutting and pasting so apologies for the rough finish.  To get the extra surf logos I just googled surf logos and found some that were the right size.

The surfboards are mostly from Hot Wheels deoras (old and new versions) for those interested in doing the same setup.


  1. You have become quite the Artist.Yes way back we used cardboard to make buildings.You got the gift, imagination, and try anything to see how things work out.