BP Gas Station - Updated Pics

The diecast well has pretty much dried out these days so I apologize for not having posted much recently.  I thought I'd post some updated pics of my BP Gas station.   For those of you not familiar with it, this is a kit that you have to put together.  It has several pieces that make up the gray base.  Then you have the car wash, service bays and convenience store buildings to put together.  Finally there are the gas pumps, exterior sign and roof.

The original kit had the buildings, gas pumps and signage molded in a silver gray, but I decided to paint them white to contrast the BP green.

Oh, I remembered that I substituted the clear glass that came with the kit with some green glass.  I took an old AloeVera drink bottle (you can find these at your asian supermarkets) and cut it into rectangles to fit my car wash and service bay.  The green windows compliments the BP green.

What's that yellow light under the roof awning?  more on that later.

I added a small tire center using some dollar store diorama building and a tire rack.  That didn't come with the BP station set.

So I wanted some lighting for my gas station, but didn't want to spend a whole lot of money to do it.  I found this battery operated led shoelace on ebay for a buck, and just basically just taped it to the underside with scotch tape.  It is a bit of a hack, but hey it works ok.

Here's how the station looks with the lights on during the day...

And here's how it looks when the sun sets.

Anyways, thanks for checking in, hope you enjoyed the pics.


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  2. Will a BP station fit my HO Scale Train?. It'd be cool!

    1. Hi Bobby, the BP Gas station might be a tad too big for HO scale.