Greenlight GL Muscle Exclusive Figure Multipack

I picked up my package from the Post Office today.  It was a box from Hong Kong and in it was my order  of Greenlight vehicles and the Limited Edition Figure pack of six people.  Greenlight's facebook page hinted about these figures a few months ago so I've been anxiously awaiting their debut.  The front of the pack indicates that it's part of the GL Muscle lineup.  It also indicates that it is 1:64 scale, Limited Edition and an Exclusive Figure Multipack.  On the back of the package it describes each of the figures:  Business Man, Delivery Man, Police Officer, Seated Man, Vacation Man, and Waving Woman.

Sadly this pack is simply a rehash of figures previously found in other Greenlight diorama sets, of which I already have. I think the only figure I don't have is the Delivery Man.  Personally, it would have been more exciting if Greenlight made a whole set of police figures or firefighters, because I'm sorely in need of some emergency and rescue figures to go with my Greenlight police cruisers and my Code 3 and Amercom Fire Engines.  Let's hope Greenlight hears my pleas for more emergency figures.

Brand:  Greenlight Collectibles
Series: GL Muscle
Set: Exclusive Figure Multipack
Scale: 1:64
Year Issued: 2013
Retail price: $4.99 USD

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  1. the delivery boy looks like zombie.