Hitting the Dollar Store - Part 3

This is the final segment about my finds from the dollar store.   I saw these yellow, pink and green doll houses on the shelf at my dollar store and almost walked right by them without any notice.  But something in my brain, told me to stop and examine the box a little more closely.  The colours were really off putting, but what caught my eye was the sizes of the front doors and the garage doors. It seemed to be seemed to be pretty suitable for 1:64 scale cars.  For two bucks, I bought one to take home.

Once out of the box, the house came with some plastic figures and furniture, nothing i could really use. However the size looked right and I immediately threw a die-cast car in front of it to see how it looked (see first pic).  Opening front doors and garage doors were a bonus and their 1" inch deep profile didn't take up a whole lot of room on my tabletop. It dawned on me, that I could do a quick spray paint of them too. So back I went to the dollar store.  Turns out that there was two different styles of buildings, the second had bay windows and a balcony but the size of the front doors were more 1:43 scale.  The doll  houses came in different colours too so I randomly picked out some of each.  I took them home and lined them all up and awesome, instant streetscape!

Now if I had the talent and the time, I could probably repaint the houses to make them more realistic but for right now I think they work great as backdrops for my die-cast dioramas.

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