railway bridge from 100 yen store

In this post I'll review another diorama find from the Daiso 100 yen store. Pictured above is a plastic railway bridge.  It's moulded in good quality plastic and has excellent details.  The dark red colour is not bad, so you could paint it, but i'd probably keep it as is.  It comes packaged flat and you have to assemble it yourself, but the pieces go together really well. You get the two side girders , a top girder and a bottom support but i found mine stayed together quite nicely even without the bottom support.

The back of the packaging shows you the instructions on how to assemble it plus it shows you the optional piers and tracks.  If you attach a few together you could have a cool looking long covered bridge for only a few 100 yen (ie a few bucks).  This would look great for background effect.

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