A cheap train line.

Here are pics of the little train line that I set up on my diorama table.  The pieces consist of 4 bridges, some supports, some straight track and some curved track, all acquired from the Daiso 100 yen store in Osaka Japan.  The height of the supports almost perfectly matches the height of my other dio displays, such as the Motormax Mel's Diner, Rusty's Garage and Main Street. I also bought some of the train cars, and the middle car is battery operated so that the train can actually go around the track.

Here's a cost breakdown of what I paid:
2 packages of curved track @ 100 yen per package: 200 yen
3 packages of straight track @ 100 yen per package: 300 yen
4 bridges @ 100 yen per bridge: 400 yen
4 train cars @ 100 yen per car: 400 yen
2 packages of bridge supports @ 100 yen per package: 200 yen

Not pictured:
1 train station platform: 100 yen
2 packs of small figures @ 100 yen per pack: 200 yen

I saw some equivalent track, bridge and train accessories in the Japan toy stores made by Tomy, and they were about 1000 yen per item, that's ten times more than I paid. My total cost: 1800 yen or about 20 dollars at current exchange rates. For this small price I get some interesting backgrounds for my diorama and car pictures.  Deal or no deal?

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