Ms. Ruby went out of business

I found this flat background on the web and made some minor modifications to it before printing it out and gluing it to a box.  I thought it would be cool to put Ms. Ruby's boarded up business under my railway tracks.  I've parked an old Hot Wheels 1940s Ford pickup beater and a rusty Johnny Lightning 1970 Plymouth Superbird in front of the store.  Both of the cars scale well to the store which I set at 2.5 inches high and 5 inches wide. Whoever did this originally did a nice job on the plywood.  I forgot to make a more cruddy foreground with lots of litter, junk and tires.  Oh well, next time.


  1. Any way you could make those storefronts bigger and printable to where they'll work with larger-scale castings if sized right? Possibly make a thread for it on the diorama board at Swifty's once they reopen.

  2. Hi Chris, I just posted the links here: