Toysrus Fastlane Garage - Pt 1.

Nov 2012:  I went to Toys R Us today and discovered this new Garage by Fastlane.  It comes mostly pre-assembled and I just needed to add the ramps.  It has a gray base, blue tinted windows, white walls and a red roof.  There is a red lift inside that moves up and down and there are sliding doors on each side of the garage.

The footprint of the garage is about 12 inches long by 8 inches wide by 4 inches high.  Other accessories include a pickup truck, gas pumps, signage, lego style ramps for each door opening, and stickers and instructions for assembly.  I plan on repurposing the garage and making it a car dealership for diorama table.  Pictured above, you can see how some Matchbox and Johnny Lightnings scale in size to the garage. I plan to make some of my own signage and add some lighting on the interior which I will review in a future posting.

While I was in Toys R Us, I checked out the Tomica selection and there were a few buildings for sale including a gas station and dealership, however I noticed that the Tomica dealership was more than double the price of the Fastlane and had a much smaller footprint.  I definitely think this Fastlane garage is pretty good value.


  1. Great Stuff Harry thanks for looking out for us. I am going to check this out tomorrow.


    1. Hope you find the Fastlane garage Daniel!

    2. you put the light inside and woke that baby up. It's really sweet. where did you get the portable light? or is it a flashlight?