Tonka Delivery Guys

Waiting around with a handcart.

Pushing some heavy boxes around.

Toting a wooden crate.

A stack of sacks.

Must be the supervisor cause he's got the clipboard.

Time to call it a day.  cool lunch box!

In a previous post, I displayed some construction workers from the Tonka Powertrax line.  Here's another set of figures.  The delivery guys all have blue shirts, blue caps and green overalls.  I especially like that they all have an action pose and have some kind of accessory. Tonka Powertrax are manufactured by Kentoys.
Here they all are pictured above with a Greenlight Dodge pickup and a Matchbox Real Working Rigs container truck.


  1. Very nice figures !!! where do you bought ? and how much ?? congratulations good job !!!

  2. Great figures. I've got them since some years ago. You can see them here: