Toysrus Fastlane Garage - Pt 2

This is the second set of pics regarding the Toys R Us Fastlane Garage that I picked up recently.  I installed  a dollar store light strip to the ceiling of the garage to see how it would look.  Because the light strip only runs on batteries, the light is not that strong, but it's enough to fill the inside of the garage.  What do you think?

On a side note, I've had some comments that the garage looks to be more 1:43 scale than 1:64. It might have to do with the height of the ceiling in relation to the cars, or it might have to do with the size of the sliding garage doors.  I can see where that might be true.  Instead of a car dealership, I might make it a truck dealership, certainly the ceiling height and size of the doors will accomodate.  I'll have to take some more pics of some of my Matchbox Real Working Rigs inside the garage to see how things look. Stay tuned for more pics!

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