Diorama BP Gas Station - redux

Update:  Sorry for the missing pics!  When I started this blog I used to host my pictures on webshots.  Sadly they have gone under and I can no longer retrieve my pictures.  I will try to see if I have them stored elsewhere but for now there are no pics to this post.

I finally found time this past week to paint and assemble the BP gas station which i won off ebay a few months ago.

Here are a few pics of the completed station. The silver buildings and pumps were painted white. There are 3 buildings: a carwash, a garage bay and a store. They all attach easily to the snap-together baseplates.

BP signage: I don't know how old the set is originally but the adhesion on the stickers is still very good.

The pumps are quite detailed, although i wish the hoses were longer and they added some nozzles to the end of them.

I used a labeller to create the numbers for the pumps.

Here's a view of the store and carwash:

Here's a few more pics with cars added:

A view of the garage bay:

Canopy removed for a better view. Sorry, the carwash is not touch free!

Had some extra paint left, so i thought I'd repaint a tonka tractor/trailer and apply some stickers to it to match the gas station just for fun.

Hope you have enjoyed the pictures of my newly painted BP gas station.  I plan on incorporating the station into a model town on my tabletop soon!  Stay tuned!


  1. The kit is from the mid-1990s. I have one in beater condition and want to find one to redo like this one.

    Nice work!

    1. Hey Chris, I'm glad you found a BP Gas station too!