HO Scale figures from the 100 yen store

HO scale figures from the daiso 100 yen shop in japan

I found these little figures along side the train accessories at the Daiso 100 yen store in Osaka Japan.  They are a bit on the small side, I would say they are maybe HO scale or smaller, but I reckon I could use them as little kids next to my other figures.  Of the seven figures, three are seated, so I might be able to put them into some cars or use them in my buildings.  Looks like they are made to be put inside their trains as pictured on the packaging.

The instructions on the back of the package show how the figures can be seated inside the trains or the platform.  There were other assortments, namely some business men, some old guys and some police figures, but given their size, I passed on those ones.  This set is pretty good, especially when they only cost around a buck.

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