Background figures

Hello and welcome back diecast and diorama fans.  I've had lots of comments and questions about the figures I use in my pictures and so I wanted to share some information about them here with you. Pictured above is a typical setup where I use some background figures behind my featured diecast car.  I use these figures primarily to add interest to the picture and to establish the scale of the car.  I have different diecast car brands in my collection and sometimes it's not easy for the viewer to discern how big the car is.  

Here's a closeup shot of a couple of the figures.  Obviously they aren't much to look at when you look at them in macro mode. That's why I typically use them for background interest shots where they don't really draw a lot of attention.  They are made of hard plastic and stand about 1 inch tall though size varies with each figure.  According to the ebay description they are 1:75 scale and they come with an assortment of different figures and either painted or unpainted. I bought a 300 piece painted assortment and I think they cost about $15 USD at the time, which was a few years ago. You can save money if you buy them unpainted and can paint them yourself but I have shaky hands and no skill, so painted figures was the way to go for me.

For those of you who aren't sure if they will look like the right size for your diecast and diorama pictures, here is a Matchbox brand Ice cream truck. I took one of the figures and glued it into the truck so that I could have an ice cream vendor.

Pictured above is a Johnny Lightning Chevelle with the 1:75 scale figures.

Normally, Greenlight branded diecast cars are true 1:64 scale making them too big to be displayed with my 1:75 scale figures but the 70s Chevrolet Camaro featured here doesn't look too bad with the figures.  What do you think? Do they look ok?

Anyways, thanks for checking out this week's write-up and pictures. If you click on any of the pictures you'll be able to see them in greater detail.  Feel free to comment!


  1. These look great Harry you are the master of the diorama. Great work!


    1. Hi there,
      Do you remember the name of the company that makes the figures? they look great for dressing up pics/dioramas.