Daniel's Service Center - part 2

so after cutting out the cardboard template, i applied some corrugate paper to the wall.  i cut up plastic ties to create the frames.  used some silver corrugated paper for the garage doors and added some decals.  the garage doors are just taped, not glued to the frame, so they can be removed if desired. the service sign is simply some card stock with alphabet stickers carefully placed. initially i had placed the stickers directly on the corrugated paper but found that the red letters blended into the orangy brown background.   putting the letters on a white sign makes the letters pop out and the sign can easily be changed. the sign is just lightly glued to the garage front. 

getting ready for the fit test!

here's the garage doors going into the building. you can see the garage doors hanging down.

...and here's how it looks!  hey, who left the garage light on? lol.
i should have taken more pics as i was assembling the garage door front but got caught up in the construction of it.  sorry!

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